About Us

Meet Nicole!

I started Devereaux Eyewear because….I LOVE glasses!  Whether it’s a great pair of frames, a stylish pair of  sunglasses or even a set of functional blue light glasses, I have a pair for almost every occasion.  It almost feels like I can change my persona depending on the glasses I am wearing.   For me, accessories can either make or break an outfit. I’ve always believed that a great pair of glasses is an accessory and  can add a special touch to any look.  But glasses are expensive - especially for prescription specs.  With this in mind, I've created Devereaux Eyewear.  An eyewear provider that would give people an opportunity to have several pairs of unique and fashionable glasses to go with every outfit, for every occasion and at great prices! 


Meet Jay!

I haven't worn glasses my whole life, but ordering glasses as an adult was a very limiting process.  You get a prescription, you take it to an optical store, and based on your insurance you can choose a certain set of frames - each more boring than the previous.  I knew there had to be a better way to get better glasses.  After thinking about it for years, the idea came up when Nicole (a huge Golden Girls fan) and I shared the same thoughts about what great eyewear should be. Devereaux was born.  We are happy to share what we know about great eyewear!